Akeredolu Arrives Nigeria, Endorses Wife’s Bid for Senate Amidst Death Rumour

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has arrived in Nigeria amidst rumours of his death, just as he has declared support for his wife, Betty Anyawu Akeredolu’s aspiration to contest the Imo East Senatorial election in 2023.

There were widespread rumours at the weekend that Akeredolu had died in a German hospital.

But to discredit the rumour, Akeredolu had on Saturday appeared on a short video, which has since gone viral, singing and dancing to prove that he was hale and hearty.

The governor who left the state for Germany on a 14-day vacation was however seen in another video released by his aides on Sunday night.

The video which was posted on Facebook by his Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde read: “Ondo state Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, arrived at the International wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria at exactly 10:35pm on Sunday, April 17, 2022.”

The video also showed the Special Adviser to Akeredolu on Public and Inter-Governmental Relations, Mrs. Bunmi Ademosu with the governor.

The state government had on April 7, 2022, clarified that Akeredolu was not hospitalised in Germany or anywhere, and had said the rumours were mere wishes of failed politicians who now carry the burden of uncanny distrust and embedded treachery. It came after a report published by an online medium had claimed that Akeredolu was hospitalised in Germany.

For his wife’s aspiration to contest the Imo East Senatorial election in 2023, Akeredolu in a statement personally signed by him, said he believed in the mission of the First Lady to emancipate women from the shackles of all forms of oppression.

He described her as a fiercely independent personality who is never afraid to voice her dissent on any issue, saying, “I have witnessed her triumphs over adversities at close quarters.”

In the statement, titled Public Service: ‘The Greatest Privilege’ Akeredolu added: “Betty, FLOOS, let me choose this great day in our lives, our 41st wedding Anniversary to notch up in print my support for your popular and known quest to serve your people in the Senate.

“The evolution of modern societies bears indelible evidence of significant inputs of few people. This trajectory records definitive impacts of those who dare to think and act differently.

 “The consequence of this defiance finds expression in radical departure from the old order, leading to transformation. It yields quality accretions which impact positively on the people in any given space.

“The world owes those who dare a debt of gratitude for audacity, tenacity, consistency and focus. These torch bearers withstand the brunt of vilification, contempt, deprivation and even rejection. They remain undaunted until the set goal is achieved. They are rarely praised afterwards.

“Public service is taken as the highest form of participation in the affairs of a human community, state or a country. It ennobles anyone, privileged to serve, whose tenacity, focus and integrity ensure development. Only a few are truly equipped for service. They must be encouraged at all times”, Akeredolu stated.

The governor said, his wife’s vision to seek and continue what she started long before he (Akeredolu) came into politics, when she ran for the House of Representative, was not strange him.

“Anytime, anywhere and under whatever circumstances, those who hold views which threaten to shatter age-long widely held beliefs and/or practices are a special breed. Those whose activities have borne positive impact on the lives of the under-privileged, must be supported by all good people.

“I join all other well-wishers, admirers, supporters and stakeholders to support, openly and without any reservations or equivocation, my Adorable Betty in her bid to continue to serve the people in her State of birth, Imo.

“I do this, most enthusiastically, as a partner, admirer and active follower for over four decades. I consider myself highly privileged to have a workaholic, gender and human rights activist, humanist and philanthropist as wife, adviser, harshest critic, supporter, political associate and, above all, an unrelenting ideologue, ready to sacrifice and confront any obstacle, natural and artificial”.

Akeredolu who said he believes that any group, society, community, state or country, privileged to avail itself of the quintessential service of a bold crusader, as his Wife is lucky indeed noted that he is strongly behind her political aspiration.

“I support her aspiration now, as I have always done, even before I joined politics. I know her to be a passionate believer in rectitude. I believe in her mission to emancipate women from the shackles of all forms of oppression. I am proud of this gift from Imo State. I support her aspiration wholeheartedly. I am convinced that the people of Imo State will enjoy quality representation from her. Her presence in the Senate promises exciting moments.

“I harbour no anxiety that my adorable Betty, Ada Owere, has all it takes to BEMORE. While offering her my unalloyed support, I wish her all the best in this current quest to extend and particularise the scope of service in the interest of the people”, The governor added.


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