Magu and Politics of Anti-Corruption Crusade

In the unfolding News … The EFCC boss, MAGU is being accused of sleaze ( He is now being investigated and asked to stay away from duty, with an acting acting chairman taking over.

Three clear truths by way of summary:

1. On this Justice Minister vs MAGU saga, Looters are just fighting looters for looting supremacy, Magu is merely the symptom and sacrificial pawn, he is not the disease.

2. Buhari is not the messiah. The country is on auto-drive. It has been God all along, using the voice of the voiceless in Nigeria to activate some small steerings. Just look at how long MAGU was in acting capacity. Does it make sense?

3. The bigger heist is in the Defense ministry, bigger than Magu’s sweepstakes. When I have time, I will remind you of some of the things that I have written about the Defense Thiefs (all pun intended)
Let me remind you of some of the things I told you about Brigand Lootenant MAGU and his publicly verifiable corruption tunes to remember.
1 December 21, 2016: “Magu of EFCC has a case to answer Nigerians. He wants to spend N142Million to purchase and upgrade Microsoft Product software licenses in 2017. Under the nose of PMB? What software licenses costs that much?”
2. December 22, 2016: “Still working on the 2017 budget, EFCC seems (so far) to be winning all the awards available and I am beginning to think MAGU is really a mountain goat set for a chewing decathlon!

Yes, you can read correctly. EFCC wants to complete (Which means it is ongoing) their Headoffice with 4.5Billion Naira.

Even if this is the total contract sum you must be worried of the figure for a country in recession.
If we work with a ballpark figure of N10m average per office, then MAGU must be constructing a 450-room edifice. What really is the staff strength of EFCC? Will every staff get a corner office with cross-ventilation?

Before you think I am the one contracted to nail MAGU, No. I am just someone who believes that drunks (Senators), sometimes have correct information, they just reek and belch in such a way that it is difficult to concentrate on listening to them”.
3. December 29, 2017: “Let us look at the size and reach of the EFCC. I have established the means of estimating the quantum of staffing in Series 1, using the University of Ibadan as a baseline. Whereas EFCC has a personnel cost of N11bn, the University of Ibadan has a personnel cost of N12.8bn with 7500 staff. You can estimate that the EFCC has close to 7,000 staff. They are the size of the biggest Universities in Nigeria. Doing what? You should be asking? What exactly does the EFCC contribute to the economy of Nigeria?

Apart from hounding innocent Nigerians on a Hire for persecution basis, the EFCC has no other scorecard. No high profile politician or civil servant has been arraigned or prosecuted in the last 4 years. According to the International Society for Civic liberties and the rule of law, (…/74-$2trillion-n400trillion-rec…) the EFCC is Fighting corruption with propaganda and falsehood. Now, we can see documented evidence in their looting and padding of budgets which in itself is economic sabotage.

In 2016, the EFCC budget was 18.8Bn see (…/224086-proposed-budget-efc…). I cannot find the breakdown.

In 2017, it was 17.2Bn of which N7.1Bn is total personnel costs
in 2018, it has jumped to N21Bn. of which 11.0Bn is total personnel costs.
EFCC added 4Bn to personnel costs in one year. That is more than the proposed total expenditure (less capital projects) of the Project Development Institute Enugu.

The evidence of the misplaced priorities of a Government that should give hope to its citizens, through massive development and reconstruction of critical sectors of the economy as a means to get out of a recession, instead of chasing shadows of corruption that is visible to all, eg. Babachir the grasscutter should be in the dock by now.”

By Mr. Sunday Folayan, a clergy and telecoms expert base in Ibadan, Oyo State.

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