ASPMDA Traders Protest Against Sit-Tight Leadership

Traders in Auto Spare Parts and Machinery Dealers Association(ASPMDA),Lagos International Trade Fair Complex has protested against the refusal of its president, Daniel Oforkansi to leave office in spite of High and Appeal Courts judgments to that effect.

The traders who were under the aegis of coalition of political parties in ASPMDA carried placards with various inscriptions like “Oforkansi Obey Court Order”, “Oforkansi Allow Peace To Rain in ASPMDA,Oforkansi Stop Causing Chaos in ASPMDA.

Speaking while addressing the press at the end of the peaceful protest, the spokesman for the coalition, Victor Amadi said that the constitutional maximum tenure of every ASPMDA president is four years.

Amadi who is one of the founding fathers of the market said that Chief Oforkansi was first elected in 2014 for a tenure of two years.

He said that after the first tenure, he was again elected for another term of two years which expired in 2018.

However, he said when his second term ended in 2018,he refused to leave office.
According to him, because of that some of the traders took him to court and that year,Justice Ogunjobi of Lagos High Court gave judgment in favour of the traders, stating that Oforkansi`s tenure had constitutional expired and should vacate the office.

Amadi said that Oforkansi did not comply with the order of the court but rather went to the Court of Appeal but on March 2020,Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of the lower court and also ordered him to hand over to the association`s Chief Security Officer but he again refused to obey the order of the Court of Appeal .

He said that Oforkansi is currently working on organizing an election in the market with the intention of installing his stooge as his successors.

However, he said that the traders would not allow that because in the eyes of the law and that of the traders in ASPMDA, he ceased to be the president of the market in 2018 when his constitutional tenure expired.

According to him, the general assembly of ASPMDA has therefore appointed some credible people to constitute electoral committee to organize election for those aspiring for the leadership of the market.
Some of the association`s presidential candidates that participated in the peaceful protest include James Umeji,Ngozi Emechebe and Okwudili Chukwuma.

By Peter Anosike, Lagos

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